About Mike & Ed’s


In 1985, Mike Gullat and Ed Cook worked together in the Insurance industry when an opportunity came up to purchase an established barbecue restaurant in Phenix City, Alabama. They had both frequented this fine establishment and thought they might have a go at it. In fact, the food was so good they knew they couldn’t come up short.

Over the years they added new recipes, tweaked the old and after many awards and lots of full bellies, they expanded from that one dandy little barbecue haven to several dandy barbecue havens.

They also expanded the business to offer catering for large or small events and pretty much everything in-between.


If your in Texas it’s gonna be a long drive but well worth it. See them red flags on the map, that’s us! So if you are in West Georgia or East Alabama your in luck as we have three locations and we feel sure one is pretty close by.

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